PCB Adapters

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  • Front side of the BrownDog 201201 single-dual op amp adapter

    Single-to-dual Op-Amp Adapter – SOIC-8 version – 201201

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    With the BrownDog 201201 adapter, you can use two single channel op amps to replace a dual channel op amp. This adapter works with single channel op amps in the SOIC-8 package, with one mounted on the front and one on the back. The header on the bottom edge mounts to an SOIC-8 land pattern for a dual channel op amp. Available with optional audio op-amps installed!

  • BrownDog 201202 8-pin DIP to SOIC-8 adapter

    8-pin DIP to SOIC-8 Adapter – 201202

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    Replace any surface mount component in the SOIC-8 package with an equivalent part in the 8-pin DIP package with the BrownDog 201202 adapter. This adapter features direct pin-to-pin correspondence and is available with an optional 8-pin DIP socket installed.

  • BrownDog 110101 HA-5002 to BUF634 adapter showing top and bottom sides

    HA-5002 to BUF634 Adapter – 110101

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    The BrownDog 110101 HA-5002 to BUF634 adapter maps the pins from one or two HA-5002 buffer amplifiers in parallel to the pinout of a BUF634 buffer. An SOIC-8 footprint for an HA-5002 is located on the top and on the bottom surfaces, and both locations may be populated to place two HA-5002 buffers in parallel. Available with optional HA-5002 buffer amplifiers installed!