SSOP-28 to 28-pin DIP Adapter – 190602


  • Adapts SSOP-28 and TSSOP-28 (0.65mm pin pitch) surface mount components to the 28-pin DIP footprint.
  • 1.4″ X 0.7″ X 0.047″ board dimensions, FR-4 laminate
  • Pins on 0.1″ grid pattern, spaced in rows 0.6″ apart
  • Available either with or without pins installed
  • This adapter is an updated replacement for the obsolete BrownDog Adapter part number 031102B.
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When working with fine pitch SSOP and TSSOP surface mount components, it is always more convenient when prototyping to have a way to convert to a standard 0.1″ pitch DIP-style footprint. This is where the BrownDog 190602 adapter comes in handy. Designed for both SSOP-28 and TSSOP-28 components, this adapter will adapt either format to a standard 28-pin DIP footprint. The contact pins are in rows spaced 0.6″ apart, and are press-fit into the boards. This allows for a low-profile package for applications with limited room, and also eliminates any additional steps involved in soldering header pin strips to the boards. The only step required to use this adapter is to solder the component to the surface mount pad on the top surface. In addition to its uses in prototyping and evaluation of SSOP-28 components, this adapter can also be used in replacing legacy 28-pin DIP components with modern surface mount SSOP-28 or TSSOP-28 alternatives. Fine pitch surface mount components can be difficult to manually solder, but this adapter makes it easier with longer pads that can be heated with a fine solder tip. For users that require this adapter without contact pins installed, we also provide this option.

The BrownDog 190602 adapter is RoHS-compliant in both pinned and pin-less configurations with ENIG (electroless nickel immersion gold) surface finish on the exposed copper pads, black solder mask on both sides, and is made from Tg 130 minimum FR-4 printed circuit board laminate. The contact pins (when installed) are 0.018″ in diameter, and will fit in a standard 28-pin DIP socket, breadboard, or target location on a PCB. The BrownDog 190602 features direct one-to-one pin correspondence between each surface mount pad and its corresponding through-hole pin.

This adapter is also available with your choice of component installed to it. Assembled adapters are professionally manufactured to your specifications. Contact us today for a quotation!

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