AD8397ARZ Dual-Channel Op Amp



  • Twisted-pair line drivers
  • Audio applications
  • General-purpose ac applications
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The AD8397 comprises two voltage feedback operational amplifiers capable of driving heavy loads with excellent linearity. The common-emitter, rail-to-rail output stage surpasses the output voltage capability of typical emitter-follower output stages and can swing to within 0.5 V of either rail while driving a 25 Ω load. The low distortion, high output current, and wide output dynamic range make the AD8397 ideal for applications that require a large signal swing into a heavy load.

Fabricated with Analog Devices, Inc., high speed extra fast complementary bipolar high voltage (XFCB-HV) process, the high bandwidth and fast slew rate of the AD8397 keep distortion to a minimum.

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