VSSOP/MSOP-8 to 8-pin DIP Adapter – 030502A


  • Adapts MSOP-8, VSSOP-8, Maxim uSOP, and SOT-23-8 surface mount IC (0.65 mm pin pitch) to 8-pin DIP footprint
  • 0.4″ X 0.4″ X 0.047″ board dimensions, FR-4 laminate
  • Available either with or without pins installed
  • Pins on 0.1″ grid pattern, spaced in 0.3″ rows
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The BrownDog 030502A adapter provides a convenient way to convert a VSSOP-8, MSOP-8, or SOT-23-8 surface mount component to an 8-pin DIP footprint. Other proprietary package names that this adapter works with includes Maxim Integrated’s uSOP. This adapter is useful for upgrading and modifying devices that use 8-pin DIP ICs, when the only available options are in a VSSOP-8 or MSOP-8 package. With the contact pins press-fit directly into the adapter board, the adapter is very compact with a low profile. Soldering separate header pin strips to the board is not necessary, unlike some of the other adapters available on the market. There is only one step required to use this adapter, and that is to solder the surface mount component to the pads. However, this adapter is available both with and without the pins installed for those that require both options. See the “Pin option” menu on this page to make a selection.

This part is RoHS-compliant with ENIG (electroless nickel immersion gold) surface finish on the exposed copper pads, and made with Tg 130 minimum FR-4 printed circuit board material. The contact pins are 18 mil in diameter, and will fit in a standard 8-pin DIP socket, breadboard, or target location on a PCB. This adapter is a direct 1-to-1 pin conversion between a surface mount VSSOP-8, MSOP-8, or SOT-23-8 component to an 8-pin DIP footprint. This adapter is a dual-use adapter, with an SC70-8 0.50mm pin pitch pad on the opposite side when ordered without pins installed. To find this other option, search for part number 030502B in our catalog.

Want to see this adapter in action? Yes, of course you do! Visit our friends over at Instructables to see them use this adapter to connect an infrared camera to an Arduino.

Download schematic
BrownDog 030502A Schematic (PDF)

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Input Device

MSOP-8, SOT-23-8, VSSOP-8

Adapter Footprint



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