DIP-8 to TO-99-8 Adapter – BrownDog 020601A



  • Converts an 8 pin DIP through-hole IC to a TO-99 footprint
  • Pin-to-pin correspondence
  • 0.400 in. X 0.400 in. X 0.048 in. board dimensions
  • 0.291 in. total height (including contact pins)
  • TO-99 pins on 0.200 in. diameter circular pattern
  • DIP through-holes on 0.100 in. (2.54mm) pitch by 0.300 in. row spacing
  • Electroless nickel immersion gold (ENIG) surface finish
  • Available either with or without pins installed
  • Available with optional DIP socket installed
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The BrownDog™ 020601A is an 8 pin DIP to TO-99 adapter. Because integrated circuits are more commonly available in the 8 pin DIP package, sourcing components for applications that require a TO-99-type device is much easier when paired with the 020601A. As a pin-to-pin adapter, an 8 pin DIP component installed on the 020601A will be functionally equivalent to a TO-99 device. In many design and repair situations when a component with a TO-99 footprint is required, the 020601A is the perfect answer.

The 020601A is made with contemporary PCB design techniques, software, and manufacturing. With electroless nickel immersion gold (ENIG) surface finish for conductivity and flat surface planarity, and 0.012 in. minimum trace widths, there will be no detectable difference between an 8 pin DIP device (0.100 in. pitch, 0.300 in. row spacing) mounted to the 020601A and an equivalent TO-99 device. We provide you the option of buying the 020601A adapter either with or without pins installed, or with an 8 pin DIP socket installed. If you need an IC mounted to this adapter, contact us for a quote. We can source manufacturer-authorized components for your requirements, or install your customer-supplied parts to this adapter.

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