About Us

Welcome to Cimarron Technology

We serve a wide range of customers in electronics. We are committed to supplying products and services that are tailored to your needs.

Our products and services include:

  • BrownDog™ Electronic Component Adapters
  • Individual integrated circuits and through-hole sockets
  • Custom PCB adapters, schematics, layouts and prototypes
  • “Turn-key” pre-assembled adapters with components
  • Technical advice and consultation

Our capabilities and equipment include:

  • Altium Designer ECAD software
  • Bench test and measurement equipment (scopes, signal generators, bench multimeter, power supplies, etc.)
  • PNP (pick-and-place) assembly
  • PCB and electronic design expertise

Need something for your application?

We specialize in custom PCB component design and production. Please contact us with new product suggestions or for a quotation on your requirements.


We are located in Eagle, Idaho in the Northwestern U.S.