About Cimarron Technology

Established in 1994, Cimarron Technology, Inc. offers a variety of components to customers in the electronics industry. Today our customers include businesses in the following sectors:

BrownDog™ Electronic Component Adapters

Our electronic component adapters are known as BrownDog™ Adapters and include:

Surface Mount (SMT) Adapters

Semiconductor manufacturers are continually introducing new components only offered in surface mount packages; these components are typically very small and difficult to incorporate into prototype circuits. Moreover, manufacturers are making DIP devices obsolete at an ever increasing rate, making continued support and maintenance of legacy systems a difficult proposition. Our adapters provide a solution to both of these problems. They are small circuit boards that allow easy mounting of SMT components and bring connections out to terminals on 0.1″ grid centers. They can then be plugged into most standard prototyping boards including solderless breadboards, IC sockets, and wire-wrap panels.

Through-Hole Adapters

Our through-hole adapters adapt TH components to alternate through-hole footprints.

Custom Adapter Arrays

We also manufacture custom adapter arrays for automated surface mount assembly. Adapter arrays are suitable for high-volume, automated pick and place (PNP) assembly methods.

Custom Electronic Components

Sometimes you need something specific that doesn’t yet exist. In those situations, we can design and produce custom electronic components for your unique application.