Custom IC Soldering Service

Cimarron Technology Custom IC Soldering Service
Do you need an SMT adapter pre-assembled with an IC? We offer two convenient options for chip assembly:

1. Have us source the component from within our supply chain.
We source active production electronic components from both authorized distributors and direct from manufacturers, ensuring that you only receive genuine components. For components that are “unobtanium” we have relationships with several distributors that can find sources of rare and obsolete ICs, passive components and electronic connectors.

After we source the components, we solder them to the adapters, and ship them to you.

2. Send us your components.
If you already have the ICs that you want us to mount to a specific adapter, first, contact us for a quote. Then, after reviewing and accepting the quotation, send your components to:
Cimarron Technology
372 S. Eagle Road, PMB 182
Eagle, ID  83616

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long does the process take?
A: If the components are in stock at one of our distributors, the process typically takes about one week. If you send us your parts it usually takes 1-2 days after we receive them. The lead time will be given in the quotation.

Q: How do you solder the ICs?
A: For small volume orders (<20) we manually solder the ICs to the adapters. For larger volume orders we use stencils, reflow ovens, and automated SMT machines (pick and place) to assemble panel arrays of adapters.

Q: How do you control ESD?
A: We perform all assembly in an ESD-safe lab. All assemblies are shipped in ESD-safe packaging.

Q: Can you design an adapter for me for a specific component?
A: If you need an adapter for a specific component, we can design a custom adapter for your unique application, and also perform the assembly. Costs for a small number of custom adapters start around $500. Follow this link to learn more.

BrownDog 970601 SO8 to 8 pin DIP Adapter Assembled Panel
SOIC8 to 8-pin DIP adapters, assembled with SOIC8 ICs
BrownDog 031102A Narrow or Wide SO28 to 28 pin DIP Adapter Assembled Panel
SOIC28 to 28-pin DIP adapters assembled with SOIC28 ICs