Standard solder-tail sockets for DIP and TO99 electronic devices. Browse our selection of solder-tail sockets from Mill-Max Manufacturing.

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  • Mill-Max 110-43-308-41-001000 8-pin DIP socket

    8-pin DIP Socket – 081001

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    This Mill-Max 8-pin DIP socket fits any BrownDog Adapters with an 8-pin DIP footprint, as well as any standard 8-pin DIP component.

  • Mill-Max 110-43-314-41-001000 14-pin DIP socket

    14-pin DIP Socket – 170601

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    This Mill-Max 14-pin DIP socket fits the BrownDog 050101, 060601, 070401, and 180801 adapters, as well as any standard 14-pin DIP component.

  • Mill-Max 917-43-108-41-005000 TO-99-8 socket

    TO-99-8 Socket – 170602

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    This Mill-Max TO-99 socket fits the BrownDog 020601A 8-pin DIP to TO-99 adapter as well as any TO-99-8 “metal can” component. It is also available as a pre-mounted component option on the BrownDog 020601B and 111001 adapters.