Single-to-Dual Op Amp Adapter – BrownDog 020302



  • Integrates two single channel SO8 op amps into a standard dual pinout in an 8 pin DIP footprint
  • Both op amps are mounted on opposite sides for compact form factor
  • 0.400 in. X 0.400 in. X 0.048 in. board dimensions
  • 0.291 in. total height (including contact pins)
  • DIP pins on 0.100 in. (2.54mm) pitch by 0.300 in. row spacing
  • Surface-mount pads on 0.050 in. (1.27mm) pitch
  • Electroless nickel immersion gold (ENIG) surface finish
  • Available either with or without pins installed
  • Available with optional audio op amps installed

The BrownDog™ 020302 is a single to dual op amp adapter that integrates two single channel SO8 op amps into a standard dual pinout in an 8 pin DIP footprint. Many op amps, such as the popular Texas Instruments/Burr-Brown OPA627, are only available in a single channel configuration. When paired with the 020302 adapter, any conventional dual channel op amp in an 8 pin DIP package can be replaced with two single channel SO8-package op amps. Each op amp installs on opposite sides of the adapter PCB, giving it a compact form factor that will fit into any location that holds an 8 pin DIP IC.

The 020302 is made with contemporary PCB design techniques, software, and manufacturing. With electroless nickel immersion gold (ENIG) surface finish for conductivity and flat surface planarity, and 0.012 in. minimum trace widths, any single SO8 op amp mounted to the 020302 will perform within its manufacturer-specified ranges. We provide you the option of buying the 020302 adapter either with or without pins installed, or with your choice of optional audio op amps installed. If you need a different op amp mounted to this adapter, contact us for a quote. We can source manufacturer-authorized components for your requirements, or install your customer-supplied parts to this adapter.

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