AD797BRZ Single-Channel Op Amp



  • Professional audio preamplifiers
  • IR, CCD, and sonar imaging systems
  • Spectrum analyzers
  • Ultrasound preamplifiers
  • Seismic detectors
  • Σ-Δ ADC/DAC buffers
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The AD797 is a very low noise, low distortion operational amplifier ideal for use as a preamplifier. The low noise of 0.9 nV/√Hz and low total harmonic distortion of -120 dB in audio bandwidths give the AD797 the wide dynamic range necessary for preamps in microphones and mixing consoles.

Furthermore, the AD797 has an excellent slew rate of 20 V/μs and a 110 MHz gain bandwidth, which makes it highly suitable for low frequency ultrasound applications.

The AD797 is also useful in infrared (IR) and sonar imaging applications, where the widest dynamic range is necessary. The low distortion and 16-bit settling time of the AD797 make it ideal for buffering the inputs to Σ-Δ ADCs or the outputs of high resolution DACs, especially when the device is used in critical applications such as seismic detection or in spectrum analyzers. Key features such as a 50 mA output current drive and the specified power supply voltage range of ±5 V to ±15 V make the AD797 an excellent general-purpose amplifier.

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