8-pin SOIC/DIP to SIL Adapter – 060301

Replace an 8-pin SIL (single inline) component with an equivalent 8-pin DIP or SOIC part using the BrownDog 060301 adapter. This adapter features direct pin-to-pin correspondence and can accommodate both DIP8 and SOIC-8 components. Available with an 8-pin DIP socket or a selection of audio op amps installed.


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  • Maps each pin from the SOIC-8 and 8-pin DIP land patterns to the equivalent SIL pin.
  • SOIC-8 (0.050 in. = 1.27mm pin pitch) and 8-pin DIP (0.1 in. = 2.54mm pin pitch) land patterns on the top surface.
  • Adapter footprint is 8-pin SIL with pins on a 0.1 in. pin pitch in a single row.
  • Board dimensions: 800 mil by 550 mil
  • Pins extend 0.25 in. from bottom edge; cut to fit.
  • Tg 140, FR-4 laminate
  • ENIG surface finish
  • RoHS-compliant
  • Low loss traces: 12 mil minimum trace width
  • Made in USA of domestic and foreign components.
  • Download schematic.
Weight 0.05 oz
Dimensions 0.8 × 0.8 × 0.3 in
Base Part Number


Input Device


Adapter Footprint


2 reviews for 8-pin SOIC/DIP to SIL Adapter – 060301

  1. Greg Celitan

    This adaptor is just perfect to upgrade an ESOTERIC /TEAC CD Player eg: VRDS 10SE. IN the analog audio PCB board they use opamps in SIL configuration but there is enough room to use the adaptor with a better OPAMP. You might think why to upgrade a ” HI-END ” Cd player like Esoteric/TEAC. Well like all companies they use a compromise in components for economical reasons.
    And thanks to adaptors like BROWNDOG 060301 you can replace a “generic” opamp with much better ones.
    It is rare to use SIL case opamps but again thanks to the adapter mentioned above the DIY spirit lives on and brings joy to the listener after the replacement. Great Item high quality perfect for upgrades from SIL to DIP. I highly recommend this product.

  2. Greg Celitan

    Highly recommend the option where you can choose an opamp to be mounted on the adaptor eg SIL to DIP saves time for the DIY.
    There is a huge selection of one of the best-sounding opamps proven to superior to the ones usually used even in top brands CD SACD and STREAMERS /DAC as well.

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