SOIC-8 or DIP-8 to SIL Adapter – BrownDog 060301

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  • Converts an 8 pin DIP through-hole or SO8 surface-mount IC to an 8 pin single-inline SIP footprint
  • Pin-to-pin correspondence
  • Replaces a conventional-pinout 8 pin SIP op amp (single or dual) with a compatible SO8 or 8 pin DIP op amp
  • 0.800 in. X 0.550 in. X 0.062 in. board dimensions
  • 0.800 in. total height (including contact pins)
  • SIP pins on 0.100 in. (2.54mm) pitch
  • DIP through-holes on 0.100 in. (2.54mm) pitch by 0.300 in. row spacing
  • Surface-mount pads on 0.050 in. (1.27mm) pitch
  • Electroless nickel immersion gold (ENIG) surface finish
  • Available with optional DIP socket or audio op amp installed

The BrownDog™ 060301 is an SO8 (SOIC-8) or 8 pin DIP to single-inline SIL/SIP adapter. Because integrated circuits are more commonly available in the SO8 and 8 pin DIP packages, sourcing components for applications that require a SIP-type device is much easier when paired with the 060301. As a pin-to-pin adapter, an SO8 or 8 pin DIP component installed on the 060301 will be functionally equivalent to a SIP8 device. In many design and repair situations when a component with a SIP8 footprint is required, the 060301 is the perfect answer.

The 060301 is made with contemporary PCB design techniques, software, and manufacturing. With electroless nickel immersion gold (ENIG) surface finish for conductivity and flat surface planarity, and 0.012 in. minimum trace widths, there will be no detectable difference between an SO8 (0.050 in./1.27mm pitch) or 8 pin DIP (0.100 in. pitch, 0.300 in. row spacing) mounted to the 060301 and an equivalent SIP8 device. We provide you the option of buying the 060301 adapter either with an 8 pin DIP socket installed, or with your choice of optional audio op amps installed. If you need a different IC mounted to this adapter, contact us for a quote. We can source manufacturer-authorized components for your requirements, or install your customer-supplied parts to this adapter.

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2 reviews for SOIC-8 or DIP-8 to SIL Adapter – BrownDog 060301

  1. Greg Celitan

    This adaptor is just perfect to upgrade an ESOTERIC /TEAC CD Player eg: VRDS 10SE. IN the analog audio PCB board they use opamps in SIL configuration but there is enough room to use the adaptor with a better OPAMP. You might think why to upgrade a ” HI-END ” Cd player like Esoteric/TEAC. Well like all companies they use a compromise in components for economical reasons.
    And thanks to adaptors like BROWNDOG 060301 you can replace a “generic” opamp with much better ones.
    It is rare to use SIL case opamps but again thanks to the adapter mentioned above the DIY spirit lives on and brings joy to the listener after the replacement. Great Item high quality perfect for upgrades from SIL to DIP. I highly recommend this product.

  2. Greg Celitan

    Highly recommend the option where you can choose an opamp to be mounted on the adaptor eg SIL to DIP saves time for the DIY.
    There is a huge selection of one of the best-sounding opamps proven to superior to the ones usually used even in top brands CD SACD and STREAMERS /DAC as well.

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