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TA7136 Upgrade Adapter – 111002

The TA7136 op amp is a single channel op amp in a 7-pin SIL (single inline) package. The BrownDog 111002 adapter allows for the replacement of TA7136 op amps with modern single-channel op amps in either the SOIC-8 SMD package, or the 8-pin DIP package. Available with an 8-pin DIP socket or with a selection of single-channel audio op amps installed.


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  • Maps the pins from one conventional single-channel op amp to the pinout for a TA7136 op amp.
  • Land patterns for SOIC-8 (0.050 in. = 1.27mm pin pitch) and 8-pin DIP (0.1 in. = 2.54mm pin pitch) single-channel op amps on the top surface.
  • Adapter footprint is 7-pin SIL with pins on a 0.1 in. pin pitch in a single row.
  • Board dimensions: 700 mil by 550 mil
  • Pins extend 0.25 in. from bottom edge; cut to fit.
  • Tg 130, FR-4 laminate
  • ENIG surface finish
  • RoHS-compliant
  • Low loss traces: 12 mil minimum trace width, 30 mil power traces.
  • Made in USA of domestic and foreign components.
  • Download schematic.
Weight 0.05 oz
Dimensions 0.8 × 0.7 × 0.3 in
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Adapter Footprint