Custom Components

In the table below is a list of custom electronic components that we have designed and produced for our customers. Click on the link to view a special product page for each part to learn more about it, or contact us for details or to receive a customized quote. If you need another part that is not listed here, please contact us.

Custom Electronic Components

Part number Description Status*
141001 ML2036CP sine wave generator adapter A
160201 MC1458P2 replacement adapter A
160701 CMX469AE2 to CMX469AP6 adapter A
161001 TSL201CL to DIP8 adapter A
170701 Kingbright CC25-12EWA adapter A
180501 SOT23-3 to DIP6 adapter A
180802 CO-442 oscillator adapter A
190201 CO-281 oscillator adapter A
200301 SG-51 oscillator adapter A
200302 ACCUTEK logic adapter A
200401 Bel Fuse 0462 delay module adapter A
211002 KPSA10 to NFM-05 PS adapter A