Purchase Orders

The advantages of buying on credit: Purchase orders help your company manage cash flow and inventory, and also allow you to lock in prices for scheduled order releases up to 12 months in advance. Cimarron Technology, Inc. offers Net 30 day payment terms upon request for corporate customers.

Sending Purchase Orders

If your company has credit terms with us, you are welcome to send purchase orders on Net 30 day payment terms via email to [email protected]. You will need to first obtain a quotation and lead time on the parts you plan to purchase from us before sending a purchase order. Depending on the terms of the specific quotation, it is possible to schedule separate releases up to 12 months in advance. This allows your business to have the components you need at the precise time that you need them.

How to Apply for Credit Terms

Credit accounts are generally set up when we send quotations to companies for orders that are on a recurring basis or for a large quantity. Please contact us for more details.


By having a business account, you realize the following benefits:

  • We become a trusted partner in your manufacturing supply chain.
  • Net 30 day payment credit terms.
  • Discounts on volume orders.
  • Scheduled delivery dates up to 12 months in advance.
  • Collect shipping on your account.

Payment Processing

Cimarron Technology, Inc. accepts payment for invoices through checks, ACH, or bank wire transfer. We will provide our bank information for ACH or wire transfer upon request.

Contact us today for a quotation on your electronic component requirements!