HA-5002 to BUF634 Adapter – BrownDog 110101



  • Integrates one or two (in parallel) HA-5002 SO8 buffer amplifiers into a BUF634 pinout in an 8 pin DIP footprint
  • Replaces a BUF634 with either one HA-5002 (at IC1 or IC2), or two HA-5002 in parallel (at IC1 and IC2)
  • Two optional buffer amplifiers are mounted on opposite sides for compact form factor
  • 0.400 in. X 0.400 in. X 0.048 in. board dimensions
  • 0.291 in. total height (including contact pins)
  • DIP pins on 0.100 in. (2.54mm) pitch by 0.300 in. row spacing
  • Surface-mount pads on 0.050 in. (1.27mm) pitch
  • Hot-air solder levelled (HASL) surface finish
  • Available either with or without pins installed
  • Available with optional (one or two) HA-5002 buffer amplifiers installed

The BrownDog™ 110101 is an HA-5002 to BUF634 buffer amplifier adapter that integrates two SO8 HA-5002 buffer amplifiers into a BUF634 pinout in an 8 pin DIP footprint. The 110101 adapter provides the option of replacing a BUF634 with either one or two HA-5002 buffer amplifiers in parallel. When paired with the 110101 adapter, a BUF634 buffer amplifier in an 8 pin DIP package can be replaced with an HA-5002 despite their different pinouts.

The 110101 is made with contemporary PCB design techniques, software, and manufacturing. With this adapter, an HA-5002 mounted to the 110101 will perform within its manufacturer-specified ranges. We provide you the option of buying the 110101 adapter either with or without pins installed, or with one HA-5002 installed in either IC1 (top) or IC2 (bottom) or two in both positions.

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