Single-to-dual Op-Amp Adapter – SOIC-8 version – 201201


Adapts two SOIC-8 single channel op-amps to a dual op-amp SOIC-8 footprint. Available with optional audio op-amps installed!

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This adapter integrates two single SOIC-8 op-amps into a standard dual pinout in an SOIC-8 footprint.

  • 0.5″ X 0.4″ X 0.031″ board dimensions, FR-4 laminate
  • Low loss traces: 15 mil minimum trace width
  • Vertical height above target board: 0.610″
  • 0.050″ (1.27 mm) SOIC-8 header pin pitch (target board)
  • Updated and superior replacement for BrownDog part number 031101A.

Download schematic
BrownDog 201201 Schematic (PDF)

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